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    HP Color LaserJet CB458A 220V Fuser Kit(CB458A)
    0 IQD
    HP Color LaserJet CB459A Roller Kit(CB459A)
    40,000 IQD
    HP Color LaserJet CB463A Transfer Kit(CB463A)
    242,000 IQD
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    HP Color LaserJet 220V Fuser Kit (Q7503A)
    290,000 IQD
    HP Fuser CE247A (CC493-67912) (RM1-5655-000) 230V
    180,000 IQD
    HP 5000-staple Cartridge(C8092A)
    45,000 IQD
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    HP Color LaserJet Image Transfer Kit(CE249A)
    245,000 IQD
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    HP 126A LaserJet Imaging Drum(CE314A)
    129,000 IQD
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    HP C8R23A - MSA 2040 8Gb Short Wave Fibre Channel SFP+ 4-pack Transceiver
    260,000 IQD
    110,000 IQD
    11,500 IQD
    23,000 IQD
    35,000 IQD
    Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Plus
    Sale price 40,000 IQD Regular price 50,000 IQD Save 10,000 IQD
    Logitech MK235 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
    Sale price 29,000 IQD Regular price 35,000 IQD Save 6,000 IQD
    VCOM Cable STFP CAT 5 305m (11437)
    45,000 IQD
    VCOM Cable HDMI 10m (11387)
    15,750 IQD
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    VCOM Cable HDMI 1.5m (HDMI1.5)
    5 IQD
    VCOM Bridge Power Cable 1.5m 10 Am (207-0009)
    4,000 IQD
    VCOM Bridge power Cable 3m 10 Am (207-0010)
    6,000 IQD
    VCOM Cable HDMI 3m (11384)
    5,000 IQD
    VCOM Cable HDMI 5m (11385)
    8,000 IQD
    VCOM Cable Flat HDMI 4K 3m (CG569FN-S-3 )
    6,000 IQD
    VCOM Cable Flat HDMI 4K 20m (CG569FN-S-20)
    38,000 IQD
    VCOM Cable Flat HDMI 4K 5m (CG569FN-S-5)
    8,000 IQD
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    HP Keyed Cable Lock (BV411A)
    30,000 IQD
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    HP 39.62 cm (15.6") Focus Topload (T9B50AA)
    0 IQD
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    HP 15.6 Rolling Backpack(J6X32AA)
    45,000 IQD
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    HP 39.6 cm (15.6") Sport Backpack (Black/Yellow)(F3W17AA)
    0 IQD
    Targus Classic 12-13.4" Clamshell Laptop Bag - Black (CN313 )
    23,000 IQD
    Targus Classic 14" Clamshell Case - Black/Red (CN414EU)
    32,000 IQD
    Targus TCG200 CityGear Messenger Laptop Bag / Case fits 17.3 inch Laptops XL, Black / Grey (TCG200)
    62,000 IQD
    Targus CityGear Chicago Backpack Case for 16-Inch Notebooks, Black (TCG650)
    62,000 IQD
    RAPOO H100 Wired Stereo Headset Pulse Black with Splitter (17475)
    9,000 IQD
    Rapoo VPRO V600 Wired Gaming Gamepad - Black (14113)
    24,000 IQD
    Rapoo VPRO VH200 Gaming Illuminated Headset - Black (16651)
    36,500 IQD
    Rapoo 1620 mouse box shot
    Rapoo 1620 mouse over head shot
    Rapoo 1620 Wireless Mouse - Black
    7,000 IQD
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    HP UltraSlim Docking Station
    130,000 IQD
    HP 19A Original LaserJet Imaging Drum (CF219A)
    108,000 IQD